What is branding? Branding is NOT a logo, although your logo is a significant part of how the public perceives your brand.

Branding is the full expression of who you are as a company and how people think of you. Sounds straightforward, right? But discovering who you are is often the most difficult task an organization will undertake. To find your “brand personality” you have to answer some difficult questions – questions many organizations have never thought about before.

To establish your brand personality (your “essence” that marketing will support and express) you must ask:
• What are your core principles and values?
• What is your mission?
• What makes your business unique from others in the same market?
• A Brand is a personality. If your organization was a person, who would you be?
• How do you act? How do you speak (both verbally and visually)?
• What do you want people to remember about you?

Branding gives you a yardstick to measure the success of your marketing messages and tools, be it a brochure, web site, social media post, blog, or even a phone conversation.

Branding underpins being able to speak with a single voice, and to act in a consistent manner. Your branding builds expectations by your consumers about what they will experience when dealing with you. 

The first important step in visually marketing a Brand is development of a brand mark – a logo/word mark. A brand mark instantly gives the audience a feeling of the organization (or event), even when no marketing message supplements it. A good word mark tells the story of in a single image.