Discovering your brand

Depending on the complexity of the branding project, sometimes Discovery Sessions are warranted. This step, by far the most difficult in a branding programme, guides a business to “discover” who they are and how they wish to be represented to the public.

The following are images of this process taken with Flourish (formerly Leading Edge Community Development) to determine who they were as an organization and also to find a new, more meaningful name for their organization.

The mediated sessions were hosted through Zoom workshops due to restrictions. The process ended with the business being able to determine their marketing strengths and messages and choose a new name that more accurately reflected what they hoped to deliver for clients.

A multi-page Discovery Session brief was written, modified and finally approved by the team. The next step was using the brief for finding a new name. Several were suggested but all had to fulfill the following important criteria:

  • All team members had to be in agreement it represented their newly discovered brand essence as determined through the discovery sessions;
  • The name had to be available to purchase as a URL in both “.com” and “.ca”;
  • The proposed name had to be approved by Registry of Joint Stocks.

A daunting task. Three mountains that had to be climbed. But well worth the effort.