Applying a Brand

“We’re very honoured to be Canada’s only hand-cut, mouth-blown crystal maker, employing the traditional tools and techniques of European crystal makers passed down from generation to generation. And what started here in 1996, from a group of Irish immigrants with a commitment to preserving an ancient craft that is disappearing in the world, has become a truly Canadian story of respect for tradition, beauty and fine craftsmanship. NovaScotian Crystal takes the fine craftsmanship of crystal making and elevates it to the realm of artistry. From the original design to the mouth-blown shape to the hand-cut pattern, every piece is unique and bears the mark of the maker. And when a piece fulfills its purpose in your home, it becomes functional art.

This is the Brand essence of NovaScotian Crystal, as told on their care card that was included with every piece of crystal they sold. It was how they perceived themselves and wanted to be perceived. They were something far more than crafters or artists. They created functional art. It was what we had to deliver in the wording and look and feel of every piece of communication that we developed. The following images are product catalogue covers.

Regardless of the medium or what they were trying to convey, the Brand essence had to always come across strongly. Below are three pieces of email communication. Each were complete with product links so the recipient could go directly to the website to purchase.

Consistent branding was even important in their storefront and satellite locations, as it should be.

George Street interior
Pier 21 kiosk installation
Barrington Street entrance

Every aspect of their communications was controlled as best as could be done, including the art direction of their photography by us and the monitoring social media channels internally and responding quickly if issues arose. The consumer was always met with a consistent message of quality, competence, functionality and beauty.

Docaitta Design was the sole design company for the Brand, working with the marketing team within NovaScotian Crystal on practically a daily basis. Our relationship with them began in 2014 and lasted until they unfortunately closed because they could not make product due to Covid-19. The craftsmen worked in too close quarters.

A web banner featuring their iconic orange box. When someone received a box that colour, they knew they were receiving something very special. They were the only mouth-blown and hand cut crystal maker not only in Canada, but also in North America.