How is marketing different than branding? A simple way to understand the difference is: Branding defines who you are; Marketing is the application of your Brand attributes to communicate with the outside world.

Essentially, marketing refers to the messages you express and the tools (TV, online, print, radio, etc) you use to deliver the idea of your brand. Marketing messages can (and should) change depending on who you are speaking to and what you are trying to convey. 

Marketing is directly and specifically geared towards your target audience, all the while supporting the core values of your brand. A Brand Guide is often used as a very helpful yardstick to continuously measure and monitor your communications trajectory. Marketing does not only include your TV or Radio spot, your newspaper or online ad or your brochure. It begins the first moment a client interacts with you, be that an email or whoever they speak to on the other end of your telephone.

Marketing campaigns can be heartfelt, funny, or serious. They can contain text, photos, charts, graphs, or whatever other information/media to support your message. But a campaign should always be completely dependent on your defined brand essence. Often a job will begin with a short outline in the form of a “Strategic Brief” that outlines brand essence, audience, tone and what it is to convey. It isn’t always so (especially for small jobs or a very frequent client), but it can help keep the messaging focussed.

Over the years Docaitta Design has helped clients reach their target markets consistently with the message of who they are and what benefits they offer.

Appealing to your Brand Audience: Lang Optometry

Applying a Brand: NovaScotian Crystal

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