Docaitta Design is a boutique design company with offices in both Halifax region and the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia. Our prime focus is the support of groups and businesses, small or large, that truly believe in what they do and have a “fire in their belly”, passion and excitement for who they are as an organization and what they can offer their audiences.

Darrell Freeman, CGD – principal of Docaitta Design – has a proven track record in project management, client service, art direction, advertising, marketing, design, writing, production art (online and off) and print coordination. He has three decades of experience, including working in large advertising Agency settings.

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You are so talented, and I know part of the reason the Tribute has been more successful in the past few years is because of you.

Hank Snow Tribute

It makes me so happy to have graphics that fit the dimensions of the application. I think this has been my favourite concert yet for publishing all of your work!

Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre